Mibau Stema Group

Tau Quarry

The expert choice for exceptional stone

Home of the famous “Dura-Splitt”

Mibau Stema Group’s Tau quarry (formerly known as Norsk Stein Tau) is Norway's third-largest quarry, with an annual production of about 3,5 million tonnes. The specialist for railway ballast supplies sand, aggregates for the asphalt and concrete industry as well as road construction materials.

More than 70 permanent employees are on-site, with additional apprentices/trainees.

The quarry is known for its particularly hard stone, which is primarily used in the European asphalt and railway industry. The brand name is "Dura-Splitt". 

Reserves exceed 145 million tonnes at present. 

Looking to the future:

An expansion project began in 2023 with scheduled completion in Q1 2026. Following this, production will increase to >5 million tonnes annually. The project's main features include:

  • New Secondary and Tertiary Plants
  • Improving Stock Area 
  • New quay, including loading equipment 

Tau Facts

  • Yearly production: 3,5 mil. tonnes

  • Loading quay(s): 1+(1) 

  • Loading speed
    Up to 3000 tonnes/hrs.

  • Operation

  • Reserves: > 145.000 mil. tonnes

  • Main product (ranging): Aggregates: 0-250mm

  • Secondary products: Offshore &
    Rock Armour

  • Limitation vessel: LOA max 200 meters / Draft 12,5 meters