Mibau Stema Group

Offshore service and solutions made easy and profitable

We at the Mibau Stema Group have extensive rock-supplying experience for offshore-related works, such as protecting and ballasting oil-and-gas pipelines, stabilizing platforms, and providing anti-scour protection for offshore wind farms. Over the years, we have supplied millions of tonnes of aggregate material via our specialised fleet, at our quarries, through our terminals, or directly on-site with our belt vessels.

The Mibau Stema Group is committed to meeting last-minute requests

We maintain a strategic stock of the most requested offshore materials, such as CP22/125, CP63/180, and CP90/250, and are always ready to deliver. Our strength lies in our ability to produce project-specific products at high capacity and in a short time at our quarries in Dirdal, Jelsa, and Tau. We recently expanded our capabilities to produce coarser materials like 5/40kg, representing a unique offering in Northern Europe. 

Our wide offshore experience goes beyond just delivering materials. We value our clients' input and work closely with them to optimise designs for the most effective and economical solutions possible. A prime example can be seen in the development Offshore Protection material in wave flumes. This material has proven to be stable in diverse application areas using a single-layer installation.

Our application product range at a glance

Cable and pipeline construction

  • Bedding Materials 

  • Ballasting Materials

Scour protection for foundations 

  • Filter Materials 

  • Single-layer scour protection 

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Ship-to-ship operation

A ship-to-ship operation is when we transfer aggregate materials from our self-discharging belt vessel directly to our client's  installation vessel. This solution has been proven to be economical since the receiver does not have to travel from the installation site to the quarry in Norway.