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Mibau Stema Group

Sustainable aggregate production from source to solution

Mibau Stema Group.

Moving 17 million tonnes a year.

Time is always money, and this is especially true in logistics.

    Mibau Stema Group

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    >  17 Mio. t

    Production capacity


    Self-discharging vessels 



    ≈ 500

    Dedicated employees 



    At the Mibau Stema Group, we are shaping the future of construction through innovation, excellence, and sustainable practices. We supply the asphalt, construction, and concrete industry with sustainable, high-quality aggregates from our three Norwegian quarries, including Jelsa, the largest in Northern Europe. Overall production capacity is over 20 million tonnes per year. With our modern fleet of seven self-discharging vessels, we ensure fast and reliable delivery from over 40 terminals along the North Sea and Baltic. Our integrated production, logistics, and sales value chain helps keep projects on track and budget. The Mibau Stema Group currently has around 500 dedicated employees in seven countries.

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    Whether on land or offshore, our comprehensive portfolio of quality aggregates fulfils a wide array of applications. State-of-the-art production and strict quality controls across all processing steps make us the name to count on.

    The overall production capacity at our three Norwegian quarries and European sand pits is over 20 million tonnes per year. This includes the Jelsa quarry – the largest in Europe. All our quarries are operated using modern sustainable measures. 

    We have a strong bond with our natural surroundings. That’s why environmental conservation and C02 reduction measures are a vital part of every production and logistic step. Enjoy aggregates sourced with sustainability in mind.

    Fast, reliable delivery from quarry to customer is our motto. To ensure this, we rely on our modern fleet of seven self-discharging vessels. An advanced network of over 40 terminals ensure seamless logistic procedures.

    The best, most motivating work environment is one that is transparent, supportive, and fosters personal initiative and responsibility. That’s what you can expect at the Mibau Stema Group. Enjoy diverse, welcoming teams and grow your career with us.

    Since our beginning we have provided the construction industry in Europe and beyond with a wide selection of high-quality aggregates. Our decades-long experience and in-depth knowledge help ensure the success of any project.

    Partner with Mibau Stema Group for reliable infrastructure solutions. From road and railway construction to coastal protection and offshore projects, we deliver quality materials promptly, even in challenging conditions. With our expertise in project management and tailored solutions, we optimize every aspect, ensuring cost-effectiveness and seamless delivery to your site.