Mibau Stema Group

Quarry renaturation is the natural choice 

Our quarries give everything so we can offer our customers a sustainable aggregate value chain. So, it makes sense that we, as a company, give something back to the quarries and their surroundings. This is why we have an extensive ecological restoration plan that creates extended habitats for native flora and fauna while even exceeding national guidelines. 

From barren to bountiful

All our quarries operate using the most modern technology and best-practice procedures to ensure greater efficiency while reducing the environmental impact. We follow a detailed plan for quarry restoration, quarry renaturation, and quarry rehabilitation. Once a site is no longer operating, we restore it to allow local fauna and wildlife to proliferate. All our quarries have approved restoration plans, which guarantee the creation of the habitats.

Chlorophyll for old quarries

As a responsible producer, we ensure recultivation by planting selected smaller plants and conducting reforestation. All slopes are seeded, both for added stabilization and slope greening. We also do not leave fallow landscapes devoid of greenery and suspect to erosion. If an inoperative quarry cannot be used, such as industrial, residential, or arable land, we create a lake out of it with fresh water, thus accelerating biodiversity. Our comprehensive and specially selected seeding procedures ensure ideal quarry rehabilitation. In a relatively short time, a closed-down quarry is full of local fauna and no longer distinguishable from its untouched surroundings.