Mibau Stema Group

Sustainable aggregate production from source to solution

We are a company dedicated to helping society build the solutions that keep the world in motion. Whether used in necessary infrastructure, hydraulic engineering, or offshore applications everything we offer aims to lay the foundation for a better tomorrow. Providing maximum sustainability in aggregate production is vital to everything we do.

As a leading supplier of mineral building materials in Northern Europe, we are literally embedded in a natural environment. The surroundings, their protection, and conservation for future generations remind us daily of our profound responsibility to continually foster sustainability in aggregate production, transportation, and construction.

Committed to the cause

Our list of sustainability-fostering measures is long. 

All our products are sourced, processed, and transported with maximum resource efficiency and CO2-reducing procedures from quarry to customer.

All our operations are certified and in line with international standards.

Our quarries have operated with 100% hydropower since the early 1980s, and CO2 pollution at our production sites has been reduced by 20% per produced ton in the last ten years.

We're also accelerating sustainability in aggregate transportation with a reduction of CO2 emissions from shipping by 15% per transported ton since 2020 and an ongoing investment in a clean energy vehicle fleet.

We are also committed to helping advance and foster the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which aim to increase sustainability, opportunity, and equality for all.

Our promise for the future

But there is always more we can do, which is why we are continually setting new sustainability goals. Whether investing in the latest energy and resource-saving technology or promoting the circular economy, we at Mibau Stema Group are proud to play an elemental role in supplying a world on the move with a sustainable aggregate supply chain.

Aggregates for a more sustainable society

Without sand and aggregates, our urban landscape as we know it would be unrecognizable. As essential "ingredients" for human progress, sand and aggregates are indispensable to everything from construction to paving roads and laying the foundation for renewable energy projects. Due to their great importance, they are constantly in demand, making their responsible and sustainable sourcing and processing even more critical. That is why we have the strictest sustainability measures in place at our three Norwegian hardstone quarries. We offer low-carbon solution aggregates and conduct energy- and resource-saving R&D while actively participating in relevant committees representing industry and trade associations.

We not only provide products "made" by nature but also take numerous steps to protect the natural environment. That's why we focus on extracting aggregates to reduce the environmental impact while saving energy and resources. It's all part of our promise to take a leadership role and offer our customers a sustainable aggregate supply chain.