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Northern Europe's largest owner-operator of self-unloaders in the aggregate industry

Moving 17 million tonnes a year in 800 ports

17 Mio.

Total Tonnes per Year

13 Mio.

Tonnes transported with own fleet

> 800

Port calls yearly

Time is always money, and this is especially true in logistics.

Efficiency, speed, and a minimum of procedural steps are essential to staying on time and budget. Fortunately, we operate a fleet of highly diversified self-unloaders that offer exceptional value, speed, versatility, and efficiency while advancing sustainable supply chains for our customers.

All our self-unloaders come with high-end technology and fast discharging. Their reduced infrastructure and minimised labour requirements make this bulk cargo handling option an effective and cost-competitive solution while minimizing environmental impacts.

Number 1 in Northern Europe: We are Northern Europe's largest owner-operator of self-unloaders in the aggregate industry

Sustainable, flexible, and reliable: Our self-unloading ships offer high-capacity, sustainable solutions. Our ship and shore teams collaborate closely for safe and efficient operations and are available around the clock to meet our customer's needs.

Fast: We provide 24/7 cargo operations, unloading at speeds up to 5,000 tonnes per hour. This impressive discharge rate limit our operational time in port.

Industrial and sustainable dry bulk shipping made easy

Our industrial and sustainable bulk shipping services offer cost-effective and flexible solutions that streamline the unloading process while saving time and money. Our specialised fleet of technically advanced vessels and gravity-operated unloaders ensure the safe transport of dry bulk commodities, speedy delivery, and pinpoint unloading.

Watch our delivery and unloading expertise!

We believe every delivery is special, which is why we go the extra mile to ensure all deliveries are handled with the utmost care and respect from quarry to customer destination.