Mibau Stema Group.

Rock solid business.

We are a leading sustainable aggregates supplier to the building industry in Europe. Our core competences are reliable manufacture of high-quality aggregates, logistics and regional terminal network providing solution-based material supply to the construction industry.

In our quarries, which are located exclusively in Norway, including Jelsa, the largest in Europe, we extract around 17 million tons of high-quality crushed rock products every year. This material is used in the i all types of infrastructure projects, in general construction, in the construction of roads, railway lines, tunnels, bridges, offshore structures and in coastal protection projects. In addition, we also offer sand and gravel sourced from land deposits in cooperation with Heidelberg Materials. Our own fleet of modern self-discharging vessels and over 40 port terminals along the coasts of the North and Baltic Sea ensure the rapid distribution of building materials and efficient delivery to all construction sites.

The success of the Mibau Stema Group is based on more than 400 qualified and service-oriented employees in seven countries. Together, we want to realize challenging supply solutions and change the construction industry to enable a holistic approach to sustainability. With optimized work processes, a more careful use of resources and active habitat planning, we make our industry more ecologically, economically and socially sustainable.

Mibau Stema – Our DNA