Mibau Stema

Taking efficient aggregate logistics to the next level

Comprehensive supply chain with our own fleet, terminal network and logistic services

Efficient aggregate logistics are crucial for delivering the products and solutions our clients need to successfully complete all their projects. For us, that starts with an expert staff and dedicated logistics professionals across Europe and beyond. Their insight and passion for ensuring the best outcome for our clients is your guarantee for optimal and cost-effective aggregate transportation solutions.

Delivery per land

We are dedicated to providing our customers with the most efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable bulk material transportation possible. To ensure this, we we deliver directly to our customers using qualified transporters. This guarantees efficient and punctual distribution of building materials from production sites to points of sale.

Sea and river transportation

Transportation by sea and river is often one of the most sustainable delivery methods. We employ a large fuel-efficient fleet of self-discharging vessels built for bulk material transportation and effective loading on site. Depending on the delivery site, we can directly unload at the location or use a water-to-land solution to reach inland locations.

Large terminal footprint

We offer strategically located terminals in all our operational hubs for the convenient and time-saving collection of all ordered materials. Our team of experienced professionals and effective wheel loaders ensure speedy and efficient dispatch processes. This guarantees easy access and greater autonomy while allowing you to choose and load the materials you need on-site.

Cost-savings from quarry to customer

Cost-effectiveness and logistics with fast aggregate delivery to construction sites are crucial for any stakeholder. Our comprehensive supply chain, combined with our own quarries terminals, fleet, and logistic services, ensures maximum efficiency, reducing both labour costs and time.

Self-unloading vessels for aggregate transport

The Mibau Stema Group is Europe's largest operator of self-unloading vessels within the aggregate industry. The transportation and handling of aggregate cargo using gravity-fed self-unloading vessels offers significant advantages for companies seeking an environmentally responsible shipping solution, including streamlined procedures.

Sustainable aggregate shipping starts here

Our fleet of self-unloading vessels is made even more effective thanks to short sea shipping routes  and terminals in the Baltic and  North Sea regions. The cargo is discharged by the conveyor boom, which reaches up to 75 meters from the ship side to the onshore terminal. The entire process helps to lower the receiver's cost and handling while simultaneously reducing their C02 footprint. Our comprehensive fleet of modern ships enables us to trade worldwide for more flexibility, business opportunity, and reach.

Eco-friendly aggregate transportation and logistics

In the past, the majority of aggregates in Europe were transported by truck and rail. Today, there are increasing efforts to reduce environmental impacts caused by road congestion and pollution. We at the Mibau Stema Group are continually seeking eco-friendly, efficient, and reliable alternatives, such as innovative marine transportation solutions. Our fleet of custom-designed vessels with the latest in fuel consumption efficiency and emission-reducing features checks every box, from cost efficiency to carbon footprint reduction.