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Jelsa Quarry

Big plans need a big quarry

Alone in its production category 

Our Jelsa Quarry in Norway (formerly known as Norsk Stein Jelsa) is Europe’s largest quarry, producing about 12 million tonnes of aggregates annually: From sand to aggregates, road construction materials, water stones, offshore materials, railway ballast and special applications for various sectors.

The facility has over 200 permanent employees on-site, as well as over 20 apprentices/trainees. When subcontractors, contractors, and temporary workers are included, the Jelsa quarry employs over 340 people. 

Reserves presently exceed 150 million tonnes. Newly planned developments will increase this number potentially to exceed 1,000 million tonnes in the future.  

Jelsa Facts

  • Yearly production: 
    12 mil. tonnes

  • Loading quay(s): 

  • Loading speed
    Up to 3000 tonnes/hrs.

  • Operation

  • Reserves
    >300.000 mil. tonnes

  • Main product (ranging): 
    Aggregates and Offshore: 0-250mm

  • Secondary products: 
    Rock Armour


  • Limitation vessel: 
    LOA max 250 meters / Draft 15 meters.

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