Mibau Stema Group 

Three quarries – infinite possibilities

The Mibau Stema Group quarries are located in the scenic Rogaland region in Norway. All three quarries produce end products for various industries where aggregates are used. 
We offer a diverse range of finished products tailored for all applications. Thanks to our vast capacity and production capabilities (up to 17 million yearly) and entirely automated stock, we can serve clients at short notice while providing tailor-made solutions to meet and exceed their expectations.
Our success at the Mibau Stema Group is about more than just numbers. It's about our commitment to quality and sustainable production. Meeting market demands while respecting nature and ensuring the safety of our employees are all fundamental values and what our reputation rests on. 

(formerly known as Norsk Stein Jelsa)
Established in 1987, Jelsa serves as the versatile hub of our quarries, supplying single size aggregates, road construction materials, light armour rock, offshore materials, and specialised applications for all sectors

(formerly known as Norsk Stein Tau)
Tau is our specialist for railway ballast, providing sands, aggregates for the asphalt and concrete industry, and road construction materials.

(formerly known as Norsk Stein Dirdal)
The products produced in Dirdal quarry consist of offshore materials and road and pavement construction materials. 

Our portfolio also includes sand and gravel. This material is extracted in cooperation with Heidelberg Material's gravel works and using our own sand pits in Denmark. As of the beginning of 2024, the Mibau Stema Group has officially taken over Andreas Jensen's operations. This strategic move broadens our operational footprint and secures an additional three million tonnes of sand and gravel resources at the Røllum site.