Mibau Stema Group

A lot to look back on and even more to look forward to

For almost a quarter of a century, we at Mibau Stema Group have been providing the building and construction world with quality aggregates. We are proud of our local roots and our leading position as the largest supplier of aggregates in Northern and Central Europe. Along the way, we have continually developed to become even better in all we do, from sustainability and innovation to product assortment and logistics. We are a company built on the expertise, commitment, and enthusiasm of all those who work for us. Every day, they ensure we are heading in a successful and sustainable direction.


The entire group and its subsidiaries are rebranded under the Mibau Stema Group umbrella

Acquisition of Andreas Jensen, renaming to Mibau Stema S&G Aabenraa 


Modernisation of our shipping fleet with a 15% CO2 reduction footprint


2nd vessel's new building, mv Fjordnes, is successfully delivered into TimeCharter in August that year.

Mibau Germany acquires the shares in Dever Baustoffhandel Papenburg and Schulte & Bruns Emden with MTE Mineralstoff Terminal Emden.


1st vessel's new building, mv Starnes, is successfully delivered into TimeCharter in September 2020.

Mibau Baustoffhandel renamed Mibau Deutschland GmbH (Germany)


With the contribution of the quarries Tau and Dirdal into the Mibau Stema Group, HeidelbergCement becomes a 60% majority shareholder.  


More than fifteen million tonnes of crushed stone, gravel and sand sold within one year for the first time


Completion and production capacity ramp up in Jelsa to ten million tonnes per year, production reserves for more than thirty years secured


MS Fitnes self-unloading vessel (32,000 tdw) delivered


MS Bulknes and MS Beltnes self-unloading vessels (32,000 tdw each) delivered

Mibau Nederland BV sales subsidiary is founded


Mibau Polska sales subsidiary is founded in Gdańsk

Stema Barge II (24,000 tdw) is purchased

 Stema Shipping acquires 100% of Norsk Stein.


Start of expansion to quarry in Jelsa (NOR) from five to ten million tonnes a year


MS Sandnes self-unloading vessel (28.000 tdw) built

EWH renamed to Mibau Holding

Stema Shipping France sales company is founded


Splitt Chartering ApS (DK) founded to concentrate shipping activities

Rostocker Zementumschlagsgesellschaft mbH acquired


Take over of the distribution of sand and gravel products of the HeidelbergCement Group

Beginning and expansion of activities at Larvik quarry (NOR)

New Stones self-unloading vessel (28,000 tdw) built at Sietas shipyard


Kari Arnhild (now Splittnes) self-unloading vessel (16,073 tdw) purchased

Participation in Norwegian Jebsens/Beltships shipping company


Purchase "Stema Barge" for coastal defense projects in the UK


Stema Shipping UK is founded in Greater London 

33% percent share of Norsk Stein quarry in Jelsa (NOR) acquired


EWH business operations transferred to Mibau

Stema Shipping A/S (DK) shares acquired


50% share of EWH sold to the HeidelbergCement Group

Greifswald gravel works founded, MS Seekies dredger built


SKM Seekies Mecklenburg GmbH in Rostock and Baltic Kies DK founded,
gravel dredger purchased and gravel works founded in Rostock


The establishment of Norsk Stein A/S in Jelsa, which becomes the largest quarry in Europe of its kind to date

Mibau Baustoffhandel GmbH (formerly H.-H. Rademacher GmbH, Cuxhaven) acquired


Elbe-Weser-Handelskontor trading company founded by Hans-Jürgen Hartmann


In 1975, Stenmaterialer & Shipping Aabenraa was founded. The new company focused on the raw material trade between Norway and Sweden and provided the German market with concrete and asphalt. From the beginning, the company prioritised services like chartering, stevedoring, and shipping consultation.

In November 1975, Lau Boisen joined with Stenmaterialer & Shipping Aabenraa, quickly acquiring a 49% stake in S&S shares.