Mibau Stema Group

Quarries with an environmental conscience 

Our quarries are the source of our business, so it is only natural that they operate with the utmost quarry resource efficiency. We ensure this with numerous policies and operating procedures designed to decrease C02 emissions and reduce our environmental impact, all while guaranteeing a safe workplace and quality aggregate products.  

Clean power flows throughout our business

For over 40 years, we have run hydroelectric-powered quarries. We invest heavily in streamlining production processes to increase efficiency and productivity, from rock crushing to screening machines. Responsible water use is also an important theme, which is why we practice rainwater collection in quarry operations, rock-washing before shipment, and even firefighting with recirculated water. Our waste management in quarrying ensures that all waste is registered and sorted before being processed further for approved treatment. We also emphasize heightening the efficiency of our fleet of heavy machinery, from biodiesel and autonomous wheel loaders to electrification and process optimization.

Looking for the next breakthrough

Our commitment to sustainable quarry practices runs deep. We constantly search for new, game-changing procedures and innovations, often in partnership with renowned universities and engineering companies. This collaborative approach allows us to optimally use 100% of what we produce and find new ways to reduce waste and emissions while enhancing the quality of our products through our funding and research initiatives.