Mibau Stema Group

We offer a wide range of aggregates

Every day, something significant is being built around the world. That’s why we supply a comprehensive range of aggregate products and solutions, playing a crucial role in meeting the needs of the construction, asphalt, and concrete industries globally. We take pride in the fact that our aggregates contribute to the safety of the world and ensure timely transport.

Sustainably sourced aggregates with quality assurance

All our aggregate products are manufactured from rock, sand, and gravel. State-of-the-art methods engineered for resource efficiency and reduced environmental impact. We have been awarded for our on-site commitment to sustainable quarry practices, and our customers appreciate all our C02-reducing measures.

Quality you can count on

Our diverse portfolio of aggregates undergoes rigorous testing and quality control measures to meet the strictest industry standards such as given in norms, regulations and guidelines on European as well as national level. Continual quality assurance steps ensure reliable performance, regardless of the project. Whether used for road and railway construction, concrete production, ready-mix concrete, asphalt manufacturing, sports ground construction, or water construction, you can count on us for a dependable aggregate supply made to last. Our expertise and experience guarantee strong, robust, stable constructions with the aesthetics and exceptional results you expect.


Quality selection

Our aggregates are carefully selected to meet strict quality standards, ensuring optimal performance

Diverse applications

Our quality aggregates serve a multitude of purposes


High-quality aggregates contribute to the longevity of your construction


Mechanical, physical, chemical and durability properties are tested on frequent level for enhancing stability and safeties of the construction

Sustainable sourcing

We prioritize responsible sourcing practices to minimize environmental impact