Mibau Stema Group

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Delivery per land

We are dedicated to providing our customers with the most efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable bulk material transportation possible. To ensure this, we we deliver directly to our customers using qualified transporters. This guarantees efficient and punctual distribution of building materials from production sites to points of sale.

Sea and river transportation

Transportation by sea and river is often one of the most sustainable delivery methods. We employ a large fuel-efficient fleet of self-discharging vessels built for bulk material transportation and effective loading on site. Depending on the delivery site, we can directly unload at the location or use a water-to-land solution to reach inland locations.

Large terminal footprint

We offer strategically located terminals in all our operational hubs for the convenient and time-saving collection of all ordered materials. Our team of experienced professionals and effective wheel loaders ensure speedy and efficient dispatch processes. This guarantees easy access and greater autonomy while allowing you to choose and load the materials you need on-site.

Laboratory 4.0 – quality control optimisation

We are proud to operate the world's first fully automated laboratory for determining grain size distribution in accordance with EN 933-1. Laboratory 4.0 is in our quarry in Jelsa, Norway, and represents the future of digitalised automated workflows in aggregate analysis and processing.

  • Fully automated robotic system for sample preparation (splitting, washing, drying)

  • Fully automated analysis of production and ship samples (KGV up to max. 32 mm)

  • Significant increase in our testing capacity

  • 24/7 laboratory utilisation 

  • Rapid availability of sieve lines for production control and distribution

  • Improved occupational safety standards in the laboratory

Digital delivery request

Our service app serves two primary purposes: helping facilitate deliveries of new materials to construction sites and their disposal. When delivering from our storage areas, we utilize the bulk weight data from our wheel loaders or stationary scales. Upon receiving a delivery request, our transportation drivers head to the site. While on the way, they enter the request number into the Mibau app to access previous weighing data. Using the app, the driver digitally confirms the delivery with a signature and a photo of the tipping point, providing GPS data for precise location tracking. The process is similar for deliveries from external storage sites, with the addition of taking a photo of the delivery request for immediate digital availability.



Disposal services

Our portfolio of disposal services ensures that all our deliveries and services meet the strictest environmental regulations for the effective and sustainable treatment of waste.

  • Professional and efficient disposal through a smart and sustainable mix of logistic solutions 

  • Europe-wide disposal network for speedy processing

  • Comprehensive service offers the disposal of your soil construction waste, bulk material deliveries, and special transports

Drones for quarry development & inventory management 

Drone surveying and mapping have become integral components of our daily operations. With drone technology, we have revolutionized how we approach quarry development and inventory tracking at our terminals. The benefits include reducing the time and effort needed for traditional ground-based survey methods and highly accurate 3D models of the focus areas. The detailed data collected by our drones enables us to optimize operations, enhance efficiency, and deliver more value to our clients. We continue to explore and integrate advanced technologies in our operations.

Engineering and solutions

Engineering is an integral part of everything we do and offer. We accompany our customers from start to finish, always with the aim of optimizing costs, meeting every deadline, and providing high-quality aggregate products for the successful completion of their projects.
Our services portfolio includes:

Road construction and surface- and path construction

  • Subbase construction optimisation


  • Optimisation of concrete mix designs

  • Performance tests

  • Use of crushed sand

Rock Armour/Water Structure Building

  • Structure optimisation 

  • Filter consideration

Functional use of Mineral Resources 

  • Storage walls, scour protection, 

  • Technical calculations conducted by independent engineering firms