Mibau Stema Group

The biodiversity quarry starts here!

We have a special bond with all the land we manage and a solid commitment to its healthy and sustainable future—it gave, and we want to give back. To ensure its preservation for generations of people, plants, and animals, we comply with all national and international policies and requirements for land restoration and conservation, in addition to our own stringent policies and internal guidelines. We continually conduct in-depth studies and closely cooperate with local and national authorities to ensure biodiversity quarries.

Space for new life

In connection with Heidelberg Materials we have set ambitious goals for landscape management and biodiversity in its sustainability. Key points include:

  • All offices must have an approved after-use plan for the land they were active in
  • All offices must have concrete recommendations to promote biodiversity
  • All out-of-use land will be transformed into natural landscapes to positively impact biodiversity
  • All offices located near nature conservation areas must have a biodiversity management plan in place

First come, first served! 

Did you know that there is a habitat type called "scrap land"? It's where man-made activity has occurred and then settled by so-called "volunteer plants." These early botanical settlers establish themselves in man-made habitats often devoid of vegetation. Scree slopes are usually an essential secondary habitat for these species, which is why our former quarry areas have become a haven for diverse flora, fauna, and wildlife. The result: a biodiversity quarry.