Mibau Stema Group

Making every workplace a safe place

Occupational health and safety have always been core values in our company and are integral to our business. We firmly believe that injuries, occupational diseases, and illnesses are preventable with the proper protective measures.
We strive to minimise the risk to our employees, contractors, and third parties and continue our goal of zero injuries. 
We conduct our health and safety procedures through appropriate management systems with the aim of constant improvement. Health and safety at Mibau Stema Group and Nork Stein always has top priority.

Key elements include:

  • Establishing clear objectives and corresponding action plans. 
  • Providing safe and healthy workplaces, equipment, and safe working procedures and practices based on the current and regularly reviewed risk assessment. 
  • Training employees regarding health and safety issues affecting their work to ensure they have the appropriate competencies to perform their duties safely. 
  • Regularly inspect and review work areas and practices to ensure compliance with internal and external requirements.
  • Monitoring and analysing health and safety developments and processes according to official requirements. 
  • Providing guidance and instructions on handling our products according to applicable laws.


Safety courses

Our HSE training is crucial for our work. Everyone who works in or for production must have completed and passed our safety course.
In addition, we offer several courses via in-house training.


Personal protective equipment

We have strict requirements for personal protective equipment in our production facilities. Our facilities require helmets, safety glasses, visibility clothing, safety shoes, and gloves. Some work operations require additional protective equipment. Visitors must wear at least a helmet, safety glasses, safety shoes, and visibility clothing (minimum vest class 2) on their upper bodies. Visitors must be accompanied by Mibau Stema Group personnel at all times.

Safety Week

We organize an annual safety week (over five weeks to cover all shifts) as part of our systematic efforts to create a safer workplace. Safety Week aims to highlight current challenges and allow management to communicate the relevant priorities.

And the winner is...

In November 2023, our Norsk Stein quarries received the working environment award. We are thrilled and honoured to receive this exceptional prize that strives for safety excellence on the job. 
We were also very excited that our Norsk Stein quarries were honoured with the "Varden" Working Environment Award in 2023. The award symbolizes our ongoing efforts to enhance the working environment. 
Both awards underscore our strong commitment to employees' occupational health and well-being. We actively involve our workforce in initiatives to foster a safe and health-conscious workplace.