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Fresh perspectives for beginners

Being a Trainee / Apprentice

We offer apprenticeships in specific fields for various technical and administrative professions, as well as a graduate trainee program for recent university graduates or technicians and engineers looking to gain experience in aggregate production. 
See below what our current and former apprentices and trainees say about their experiences with us and what the programs look like.

“There is always room for a joke, and it’s a very relaxed working environment in the office “

Trainee Aabenraa / Denmark

"At Mibau Stema, we not only set stones in motion, but also your career. Come and join us and get the ball rolling!
The apprenticeship was very varied, and I learned a lot, even beyond its actual content. 
I received excellent support and a lot of training.
I was quickly integrated into the company's day-to-day business and gradually given more responsibility.
In this way, Mibau Stema has set my path into the world of work in motion."

Apprentice Neukloster / Germany

"During my apprenticeship, I was assigned the project of using a drone to measure our storage locations and the inventories. I also obtained my drone driving licence. This boosted the variety of my tasks, and I learned to take on more responsibility. Mibau Stema offers an environment where you can challenge yourself, develop your personality and grow beyond your limits." 
Former apprentice Bremen / Germany
“The apprenticeship at Mibau Stema is diverse and varied, which I enjoy.
I am involved in all operational processes here and am given more and more responsibility. I have already visited all the German branches and terminals and even inspected one of our self-extinguishers.
I am supported and encouraged by my trainer; her door is always open for me if I have any questions.
Due to the diverse "product training courses" you also acquire essential knowledge to understand the processes and products. The decision to do my apprenticeship at Mibau Stema was definitely the right one.”
Apprentice Cadenberge / Germany

“In hindsight, I can say that the decision for Mibau Stema was the right one. The apprenticeship and the working conditions were a big plus.

My professional development is supported and encouraged, which benefits my career. During the apprenticeship, I went through all departments, providing an optimal overview of the business processes.”

Former apprentice / Germany

"Mibau Stema Group, it's really nice to work for you ! As an apprentice, I feel well surrounded by a welcoming team that guides me in my learning. The atmosphere is friendly, making each workday enjoyable and motivating."  

Apprentice Rouen / France

"In my apprenticeship I particularly like the cooperation with people from different regions and countries, and that we have our own vessels.
You receive guidance and are not pushed into cold water."

Apprentice Emden / Germany


The right mix

Our graduate trainee program aims towards a new trainee's professional development. 
It is a 1-year program open for recent university graduates, technicians, and engineers with little experience in aggregate production. 
The program provides a platform for learning, education, and practical application where the trainee is introduced to people, processes, and systems throughout the organisation.
The trainee program includes introductions to the company and the building materials industry, introductions to the business lines and a specialisation or core learning phase. 

During the specialisation phase, trainees learn about the operational and organisational structure and operations of the aggregates business. The core learning modules include:

  • Business basics

  • Production, Technology and Processes

  • Sales & Logistics

With every module, the trainee gets to know various aspects of aggregate processes, with a strong focus on their practical application supported by project work in each module.

Additionally, the trainee will be introduced to cross-functional processes like procurement of permits or compliance with environmental standards he/she will perform on a regular basis and to support functions like finance, purchasing, and shared service centres. An abroad module also aims to expand the trainees' technical expertise by visiting aggregate businesses in other countries. We also consider mentoring an essential tool and always offer programs designed to pass on skills and knowledge to advance newly started careers.


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Our apprenticeships are managed in accordance with local country-specific education standards and schools. As an apprentice, you regularly alternate between your workplace and school. You will also receive your country-specific professional certificate while experiencing the flavour of the Mibau Stema Group work environment. Many of our apprentices stay and continue to grow with us in permanent positions.