Mibau Stema Group

We put the rock & roll in rock armour

Over the years, we at Mibau Stema Group have delivered several hundred thousand tonnes of rock armour to projects in the Baltics, Germany, Denmark, France, the UK, and even beyond Europe. The projects we supply are generally related to river and sea defenses (e.g., slope revetment, breakwaters) and coastal protection. 

We at the Mibau Stema Group handle all production and quality control tasks (in line with EN13383 or custom produced). Thanks to our chartering experts, we find the best logistical and cost-effective solutions for transporting materials to our client's on-site projects. Heavy rock armour, with individual rocks weighing up to 45 tons, can be transported by our sea-going Stema Barge 2, which can load up to 24 thousand tonnes in one delivery!   

Our application product range at a glance

Riprap and embankment construction 

  • Filter Materials

  • Rip Rap

Groyne construction 

  • Core Material

  • Rip Rap and Heavy Rock Armour up to 6 tons


  • Core Material

  • Rip Rap and Heavy Rock Armour up to 30 tonnes

Riverbed reinforcement 

  •  Wide variety of filter and erosion-proof blends

Watch the video

Delivery and handling of light rock armour at our own terminal in Bremen

Watch the video

Preparing delivery of heavy rock armour for a project in Benin. Delivered with bulk carriers equipped with Orange Peel Grabs and chartered by Mibau Stema Group.