Laggan Tormore

Around 125 km north-west of the Shetland Islands, the Laggan and Tormore oil and gas field represents the future of the UK oil and gas industry. The project has water depths that average 120 metres with sharp drops down to 600 metres. A pipeline from the project to the Shetland Islands has been built.

In detail...

  • Bedding with offshore material as a substrate for the pipelines
  • Offshore material covering to protect the pipelines
  • Delivery to fall-pipe vessels from our quarry in Jelsa
  • Mainly vessel-to-vessel deliveries with our own fleet of self-unloading vessels
  • The material supplied was offshore material in 1–5 inch particle size
Laggan Tormore, around 125 km north-west of the Shetland Islands


Owner: Total and Dong
Customer: Mostly Tideway, plus Boskalis, Van Oord and Jan de Nul
Construction time: 2013
Construction cost: More than £800 million
Sub contractor: Stema Shipping A/S
Delivery quantity: 800,000 tonnes of 1–5 inch offshore material
Purpose of use: Pipeline covering