Mibau Stema to bring all activities under one roof within the Mibau Stema Group

Press release

Cadenberge, 15 May 2024. Mibau Stema is one of the largest suppliers of mineral building materials in Northern Europe. Ensuring close collaboration between the individual business areas – Production, Logistics and Sales – is one of the company’s core competencies. This established way of working has now been rendered visible to the outside world: all parts of the company are set to be bundled, and all activities will be advanced within the Mibau Stema Group going forward.

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The Mibau Stema Group will comprise all of the Group’s operating units and subsidiaries. These include the sales companies in the respective countries, as well as the production companies in Norway and the Group’s internal logistics centre based in Denmark. The company’s external appearance will also undergo a makeover. The next step was to relaunch the website. 

“We firmly believe that bringing all business areas together under one roof will strengthen our identity as a company, and that our customers will view the Mibau Stema Group as a reliable partner at their side with even greater clarity,” says Claus Boisen, CEO of the Mibau Stema Group.

This realignment effort as a Group is just one part of a transformation process that the Mibau Stema Group started at the beginning of 2022. “The aim is to make our company fit for the future. That is why we are adopting this approach and presenting the company – which has grown in the course of recent decades – as a brand,” says Claus Boisen. “The familiar processes remain in place for our customers. And the points of contact won’t change either,” adds the CEO. 

During the merger and everything this process entailed under company law, proven structures are to be continued, and the existing spirit of cooperation between the individual business areas is to be networked with even more vigour.

About the Mibau Stema Group

The Mibau Stema Group is one of the largest suppliers of mineral building materials in Northern Europe, and enjoys a presence in seven European countries with over 400 employees. The quarries – which are located exclusively in Norway – produce roughly 17 million tonnes of high-quality aggregates every year. 

These materials are used for the construction of infrastructure projects: be it roads, railway lines, tunnels, bridges, offshore structures and coastal protection projects as well as building construction.

The Mibau Stema Group’s portfolio also includes sand and gravel. This material is extracted in cooperation with the Heidelberg Materials sand and gravel pits in north Germany as well as in our own sand and gravel pit in Denmark

Supported by the company’s own fleet of self-discharging vessels, Mibau Stema Group customers are supplied via 40 harbour terminals along the coasts of the North and Baltic Seas. 

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Miriam Herke
Corporate Communications
Mibau Stema Group
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