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Riverbank revetment, Lemwerder; River Weser, kilometres 11,700 to 17,012 (Germany)

Bremen Water and Shipping Authority renewed is currently renewing the riverbank revetment between Lemwerder and the Hasenbüren marina. The fifty-year-old asphalted revetment is being replaced by loose riprap; the aim of the construction project is to preserve the river as a waterway for traffic on the river, and also to secure the dyke protecting the land.

In detail...

  • Revetment installation on a 4 km river section
  • Reinforcement of the dyke embankment for 2.5 km
  • Site area: 54,600 m²
Riverbank revetment, Lemwerder; River Weser


Owner: Bremen Water and Shipping Authority
Customer: Thieling-Bau-GmbH, Stadland
Construction time: 2004 until probably 2017
Construction cost: Around €15 million
Sub contractor: Heuvelman Ibis GmbH, Leer & Mibau Baustoffhandel GmbH, Cadenberge
Delivery quantity: Around 95,000 tonnes of riprap and 80,000 tonnes of grain filter
Source: Jelsa and Kragerö
Logistics Chartered dredgers
Terminals Louis-Krages-Straße via Bremen industrial harbour
Purpose of use: Bank reinforcement on the Weser