MS Beltnes in action

From the Norwegian quarry Jelsa to the terminal in Kiel

Production in Jelsa

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Pearls in the logistics chain

We will develop a range of solutions to meet your requirement and tailor make these specifically for construction sites operating in difficult conditions.

Our modern fleet of self-discharging vessels with the flagships MS Fitnes, MS Bulknes and MS Beltnes ensures that the products ordered are delivered on time at the respective locations – just in time. These vessels have discharging rates of up to 3,100 tonnes an hour with up to 31,000 tonnes of aggregate per vessel quickly discharged from the vessel – day or night, whatever the weather.

These benefits...
• Fast unloading
• Shallow draught
• Shipments in up to seven different particle sizes ...

distinguish us in supplying to major projects. We can deliver the greatest amounts of aggregates, within short time frames.

At a glance

Pearls in our logistics chain

• Five large self-unloading vessels
• Two barges

MS Beltnes in action – from the Norwegian quarry Jelsa to the terminal in Kiel