MS Beltnes in action

From the Norwegian quarry Jelsa to the terminal in Kiel

Production in Jelsa

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Mibau and Stema:
Reliable partners in successful project implementation

Infrastructure projects in road and railway construction, hydraulic engineering projects for coastal protection, harbour expansion or offshore projects – Mibau and Stema are reliable partners.

We deliver large quantities with rapidity and ease, even to construction sites operating in difficult conditions. Our logistics and storage facilities at the quarry or our terminals give us the versatility to answer to your particular needs.

Early collaboration already in the concept and planning phase provides a host of benefits:
· Leverage from years of expertise in projects
· Adjustment of products to technical requirements
· Optimisation of production and logistics up to site delivery
· Application-oriented, cost-effective solutions

Our products in application

Jade-Weser-Port (Deutschland)

Jade-Weser is the Germany’s only deepwater port, and allows ships with up to 16.5 metres draught to enter regardless of tide as the Jade channel fairway has a depth of eighteen metres. Constructing the port was the project of a century for Bremen and Lower Saxony.

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Two offshore wind farms around 23 kilometers north of Helgoland. Eighty wind turbines supply around 360,000 households a year with electricity.

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Motorway – Soenderborg

New motorway construction with supply of materials and logistics by Mibau and Stema

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