MS Beltnes in action

From the Norwegian quarry Jelsa to the terminal in Kiel

Production in Jelsa

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The barge fleet

The same principle applies here: “Straight to site...” We have several special reinforced barges for transporting riprap up to thirty tonnes, or even up to fifty tonnes if needs be. The barges have experienced captains with high levels of expertise and many years of experience in this challenging field.

Our barges are mainly used for hydraulic engineering projects throughout Europe. Tugs guide our larger barges to their destination, where they are firmly anchored – sometimes even at sea, acting as floating warehouses. Smaller units are loaded onto the barges from there using diggers for direct transfer onto site, but the loaders on the barges can also unload the goods and bring them directly onto site. Coastal protection projects often work at low tide after the barge set down onto land.

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Besides supplying our terminals, we can also deliver straight to larger sites with water access due to our fleet’s versatility, on condition that the water is deep enough for the vessel’s draught and storage facilities are available. This gives you substantial benefits as a customer.

Our products by four

 Asphalt, concrete, railway and road construction, sub-base/fill materials


 Groynes and bank revetments, breakwaters, riverbed reinforcement


Cable and pipeline construction, scour protection


JOP, Jelsa base course, verge and sub-layer stabilisation, chipping blends, gabion stones