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From the Norwegian quarry Jelsa to the terminal in Kiel

Production in Jelsa

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Jelsa – Europe's largest quarry

Established in 1987, our company Norsk Stein A/S runs the largest quarry of this type to date.

We invested heavily in the expansion of the quarry in 2009/2010 for a current capacity of 3,000 tonnes an hour; we supply up to thirteen million tonnes of high-quality aggregate for the European market every year. Located in the Jelsa fjord near Stavanger, this top-quality granodiorite aggregate is loaded directly using below-surface extraction at a capacity of up to 3,000 tonnes an hour onto self-unloading vessels with up to fifty thousand tonnes of cargo capacity each. Storage capacity was extended up to 1,000,000 tonnes; that, and the second quay have set the conditions for efficient logistics by minimising waiting times and optimising costs.

The quarry’s deposits have been estimated at around 500 million tonnes; we have an agreement securing mining rights to 300 million tonnes.




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The production process begins...

It all begins with a loud bang from the detonation, then dumper trucks take the stone away to the primary crusher. This crusher is one of the largest world-wide, and breaks the stone down by applying enormous mechanical pressure; the crusher also provides interim storage for the crushed material before it’s shipped to our state-of-the-art production facilities, which crush the stone further, and screen, wash and prepare the stone for shipment in standardised quality – with CE certification, of course – to market requirements. Our products are used in the concrete and asphalt industry, railway construction, hydraulic engineering, in road beds, the offshore industry, and numerous other applications.

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Our products in application

Jade-Weser-Port (Deutschland)

Jade-Weser is the Germany’s only deepwater port, and allows ships with up to 16.5 metres draught to enter regardless of tide as the Jade channel fairway has a depth of eighteen metres. Constructing the port was the project of a century for Bremen and Lower Saxony.

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Two offshore wind farms around 23 kilometers north of Helgoland. Eighty wind turbines supply around 360,000 households a year with electricity.

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Motorway – Soenderborg

New motorway construction with supply of materials and logistics by Mibau and Stema

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