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From the Norwegian quarry Jelsa to the terminal in Kiel

Production in Jelsa

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Larvik – stone with distinctive iridescent effect

The Larvik quarry on the south coast of Norway was opened specifically for rock armour (EN13383) production, and it’s the only dedicated rock armour quarry in Europe. The materials used by Norsk Stein is a by-product from the dimension stone industry, where only around ten percent of quarried rocks is deemed usable. The dimension stone trade under names such as Larvikite and Blue Pearl and are used in facades, gravestones or other form of decorative stone; the stone is known for its distinctively spectacular iridescent effect.

Norsk Stein use the by-product of this granite known for its unique hardness as rock armour, mainly used in coastal and river protection works. The stone is shipped on pontoons of up to twenty-five thousand tonnes’ capacity from our purpose-built load facility in Svartebukt to its final destination.

The quarry can produce rock armour at up to thirty tonnes, – rock armour of the highest quality according to EN 13383-1. The quarry produces riprap at up to thirty tonnes, or even fifty tonnes in some cases – riprap of the highest quality according to EN 13383-1.




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Other applications:

• Securing embankments and riverbeds
• In breakwaters and jetties
• As scour protection in hydraulic engineering projects
• In piers and breakwaters for protecting harbours and marinas

Our products by four

 Asphalt, concrete, railway and road construction, sub-base/fill materials


 Groynes and bank revetments, breakwaters, riverbed reinforcement


Cable and pipeline construction, scour protection


JOP, Jelsa base course, verge and sub-layer stabilisation, chipping blends, gabion stones