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From the Norwegian quarry Jelsa to the terminal in Kiel

Production in Jelsa

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Tau and Dirdal – since October 2016 further production sites of Norsk Stein A/S and therefore part of Mibau-Stema Group



Located in the region of Rogaland, the third-largest quarry in Norway produces about 2 - 3 million tonnes of aggregates, of which approximately 40% are exported to Europe and the Baltic countries.

The rock, Quartzdiorite, is considered particularly hard, and is characterized by its greenish shimmering color. Due to the good rock properties Tau - aggregates are used predominantly in the asphalt industry, in Scandinavia known as a brand "Dura-Splitt". Further use is in the concrete industry and as railway ballast.

Total deposits are estimated at 145 million tonnes; of which mining rights of already 13 million tons are secured.



Also in the region of Rogaland is the quarry Dirdal. Here, up to 1 million tonnes of aggregates can be produced.

From the rock, gneiss, we produce offshore-materials up to 200 mm size which are used for bedding and covering pipelines, and to prepare ground for other installations. Since 1980 we have delivered to all oil and gas fields in the North Sea, as well as deliveries to other waters. Dirdal has a high capacity for loading vessels so that large volumes can be delivered. 

Total available reserves are approximately 35 million tonnes.



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Our products by four

 Asphalt, concrete, railway and road construction, sub-base/fill materials


 Groynes and bank revetments, breakwaters, riverbed reinforcement


Cable and pipeline construction, scour protection


JOP, Jelsa base course, verge and sub-layer stabilisation, chipping blends, gabion stones