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From the Norwegian quarry Jelsa to the terminal in Kiel

Production in Jelsa

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More than just standard...

We have developed the following creative special solutions:

Jelsa Offshore Protection (JOP)
This is a wide-graded single-layer scour protection solution to be installed before installing the foundation structure and piling. One of the outstanding benefits of this product is its above-average erosion stability.

Jelsa base course
This product specifically developed for road and harbour construction can save on up to half of the layer thickness compared to other building materials, and has already been successfully used in a large number of major construction projects.

Jelsa verge
This product was developed for securing hard shoulders and verges with equivalent capacities of standard gravel base course according to national standards, and is also very easy to work with.

Jelsa sub-layer stabilisation
We developed JTSW 0/32 for stable heavy component positioning such as monopiles for offshore wind turbines.

Jelsa chipping blend 0/5 for sand-lime brick manufacturing
The combination of favourable density and homogeneity in our 0/5 blend ensures maximum sound protection of sand-lime bricks in construction, while keeping product dimensions compact.

Jelsa Gabion Stone 
Apart from materials such as Jelsa verge 0/16 and base course 0/32 with their high friction angles, we also supply custom blends of coarse gravel for filling gabions. We supply gravel in various particle sizes depending on gabion mesh size.

At a glance

Material properties:

• Particle density from 2.75 to 0.02 Mg/m³
• Impact crushing: SZ18
• Petrographic description: granodiorite



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Our products by four

 Asphalt, concrete, railway and road construction, sub-base/fill materials


 Groynes and bank revetments, breakwaters, riverbed reinforcement


Cable and pipeline construction, scour protection


JOP, Jelsa base course, verge and sub-layer stabilisation, chipping blends, gabion stones