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Jade-Weser Port, Germany

Jade-Weser is the Germany’s only deepwater port, and allows ships with up to 16.5 metres draught to enter regardless of tide as the Jade channel fairway has a depth of eighteen metres. Constructing the port was the project of a century for Bremen and Lower Saxony.

In detail...

• Area: around 360 ha
• Length of all sheet piling: around 2,500 m
• Total steel tonnage (without reinforcement): about 90,000 tonnes
• Length of new embankment and dyke: about 3,100 m
• Amount of sand required: about 43 million m³

Facts and figures:

JadeWeserPort Realisierungs-GmbH & Co. KG

ARGE JadeWeserPort – Wasserbau

Construction period:
2005 – 2011

Construction costs:
Around €1 billion

Mibau Baustoffhandel GmbH

Quantity delivered:
835,000 tonnes

Deepwater port